Silent, Reliable Investment Oversight

Investment management expertise you can rely on.


The safest pair of hands

PK Dryden Associates offers a discretionary management service that will handle the day-to-day management of your investments. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wealth is in safe hands while you enjoy other pursuits. Our professional wealth managers have the training and experience to provide a level of service that strictly adheres to your level of risk tolerance to safeguard your capital, growing your portfolio while minimizing any downside risks.

Your personal investment adviser is supported by a team of highly-qualified research professionals who work to provide up-to-date information on a wide variety of assets. This enables us to take advantage of short and long-term market trends, as well as fast-moving external events that impact financial markets. With this level of personalized support, you can feel confident of receiving our expert attention.

PK Dryden Associates’ discretionary management service provides the following benefits:

Latest investment opportunities

We continuously search for promising new investment opportunities, while keeping a close eye on the assets which are already performing for you. Our task is to match assets with your specific investment objectives. Assets we consider include stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, ETFs and initial public offerings (IPOs). What we eventually recommend depends upon your investment goals and specific risk tolerance.

Professionally risk-managed

To develop your ideal investment portfolio, one of our first tasks is to determine your risk tolerance. We need to learn, for example, the amount of variation in value of specific assets in your portfolio that you are comfortable with. While some risk is inherent in every investment and the overall goal is portfolio growth, we need to be sure we’re not taking higher risks than you are willing to tolerate.

Reduced risk via asset allocation

At any given time, some asset classes and investment strategies outperform others. This is due both to normal business cycles and to external economic or political factors. A strong and resilient investment portfolio comprises a mix of assets, so that at times when some may be underperforming, others are showing aggressive growth. A well-diversified portfolio is far more likely to deliver steady growth over the long term, regardless of circumstances.

Active portfolio monitoring

PK Dryden Associates’ wealth managers continuously monitor the performance of your investments. From time to time, they will make adjustments to the overall mix of assets to ensure that earnings are maximized. These could be as subtle as increasing or decreasing your position in a particular security, or refocusing more on different asset classes altogether. In every case, all changes to your portfolio are made in line with your acceptable level of risk tolerance, and you are always kept informed of changes we make.