Common Sense Investing

Your guide on your journey through financial markets.

PK Dryden Associates’ investment philosophy begins with our belief that every financial decision must be based on prudent research and sensible planning, and that this approach is simple common sense. We consider it unethical for any investment or wealth management professional to implement a strategy without first considering the unique, individual circumstances of their client.

We lay out the key steps we will take in order to earn your confidence and help you cultivate a sense of security, knowing that your financial future is in the best hands.


A journey, not a destination

At PK Dryden Associates, we agree with the great majority of our high-net-worth clients when they say that the accumulation of wealth is best considered as a means to an end, rather than a goal in itself; a journey rather than a final destination.

To reach that destination, we employ the oldest and simplest investment strategy in the world; buy low and sell high. But as simple as that sounds in theory, adhering to it through bull and bear markets can be extremely difficult. Our record of success is the result of our ability to identify various assets that we determine to be undervalued relative to others in their class, including stocks, commodities or fixed income instruments.

By creating customized portfolios comprising highly diversified assets, we can fine tune the optimal balance of risk and reward for each client, so they can reach their investment objectives in a timely manner without exposure to undue levels of risk.