Have The Last Word

Stay more directly involved in investment decisions.


When control is everything

PK Dryden Associates also offers a non-discretionary management service. With this option, your investment adviser continuously monitors your portfolio for optimum performance and advises you whenever, in his or her professional opinion, asset adjustments should be made. The key difference is the fact that no action can be taken without your approval.

PK Dryden Associates’ non-discretionary management service differs in a few key areas:

Latest investment opportunities

As with our discretionary management service, we monitor the performance of all assets in your portfolio while being constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities that match your investment objectives. Whenever we see opportunities to improve portfolio performance, we bring them immediately to your attention for your consideration.

Professionally risk-managed

Effective non-discretionary management also begins with an evaluation of your risk tolerance. Because all investment decisions are ultimately yours to make, we’ll go the extra mile to be absolutely certain that no asset within your portfolio exceeds your risk tolerance.

Reduced risk via asset allocation

PK Dryden Associates will recommend a diverse selection of assets from different classes and representing different market sectors, as a means of protecting your portfolio from unforeseen circumstances. However, while we discourage you from putting too many “eggs in one basket,” all investment decisions are ultimately yours.

We actively monitor your portfolio

Our team of professionals will keep a close eye on your portfolio performance. From time to time, we will make written recommendations for adjustments that we believe to be in your best financial interest and submit them to you for approval. Whether or not these recommendations are implemented or not is completely up to you.