When Only Bespoke Will Do

It’s the only way we ever invest.


Profiling client risk

All investments entail some degree of risk, regardless of how safe they appear to be, and each client has an acceptable level of risk tolerance that can change significantly throughout his or her life. Unfortunately, many wealth management services tend to pigeonhole clients into a few general risk categories: cautious, balanced or adventurous.

PK Dryden Associates believes that this over-generalization of clients’ risk tolerance represents poor stewardship and is unacceptable. Each client is different, and far too many variables are at play to make such an oversimplified evaluation.

With each new client, we conduct a thorough assessment to determine their particular risk profile. Furthermore, we regularly review this profile to make sure that a client’s portfolio is properly risk-balanced according to his or her changing circumstances and attitude. Our goal is to minimize risks and thereby preserve and protect wealth without limiting the potential for growth.

Portfolio construction

Once we have clearly identified a client’s investment goals and risk tolerance, our professional advisers craft a diversified portfolio that includes financial instruments representing a variety of asset classes and market sectors. This approach has been proven to maximize average returns over the long term, while minimizing unpleasant surprises caused by unexpected market events.

Our advisers possess both an exceptional knowledge of many different markets and the communication skills to explain everything in straightforward language. We consider it our responsibility to keep our clients well informed about their investments, to make them feel secure and to avoid any misunderstandings.

Staunch independence

PK Dryden Associates has no special arrangement with any asset provider so we’re always completely free to recommend whichever securities we believe are most appropriate for a particular client’s portfolio.

These can include stocks, bonds, commodities - including precious metals, mutual funds and ETFs. Furthermore, we consider flexibility an important factor in our selection, since it’s important to be able to rebalance a portfolio from time to time as market conditions or personal circumstances change without incurring heavy penalties or additional fees.