A Need-To-Know Basis

Reliable investment advice is always grounded in meticulous research. At PK Dryden Associates, we never make an investment decision on behalf of a client without a thorough understanding of an asset’s strengths and weaknesses for a specific portfolio. What might be a wise investment for one client is not necessarily the case for all and we would be doing a great disservice if we tried to apply a one-size-fits-all strategy.


What we look for

PK Dryden Associates understands that each client is unique and therefore requires an investment solution that is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

As the first step in this process, we undertake due diligence with every new client, so that we can determine their short and long-term plans, their investment return expectations and their tolerances for investment risk. We also look closely at their current investments, other assets, liabilities, cash flow and tax status.

Steering the ship

PK Dryden Associates aims to provide its clients with a clear and practical lifetime plan for financial independence, a road map to follow on the often uncertain and occasionally perilous journey through the forest of investment possibilities.

At your initial meeting with our professional advisors, we’ll work together to review your personal financial circumstances and to define your goals, whether that means providing for your children’s education or for your own comfortable retirement.

From the ground up

In a nutshell, PK Dryden Associates’ approach to investment and wealth management is a two-step process. First, we work with you to understand precisely both your investment goals and your level of risk tolerance. Second, we use that knowledge as a guideline to develop a personalized investment portfolio from the ground up.

Flexibility is built into the design. We understand well that market conditions fluctuate frequently, and, of course, that your personal circumstances also change over time. Should you need to liquidate a particular asset and move your funds into another area, you must be able to do so quickly and without incurring penalties or high fees from asset product providers.