Whatever You Need

Seamlessly incorporating specialist services into our core solutions.


Flexible, by design

PK Dryden Associates’ core services are designed to be fully flexible, allowing supplementary solutions to be integrated into your chosen service at any time without penalty or complication. Legacy planning, retirement planning, succession planning for business; all these and more can be easily incorporated into our core discretionary and non-discretionary services.

In keeping with each client’s goals, we deliver impartial advice and diligent guidance as we deftly transform complex individual situations using personalized solutions.

Our sophisticated investment planning process accommodates the circumstances, tolerances and aspirations of clients to create a visualization of their future.

Best-in-class investment experience

Whilst PK Dryden Associates understand that, for most clients, the generation of strong investment returns is the chief concern, we also recognize that their experience of the investment market is enhanced by an account administration process that provides them with the access to the information they need at their convenience.

Consequently, we make regular reporting, frequent communication and unrestricted access to their investment professional a valuable standard feature of our services.