See Right Through Us

PK Dryden Associates is committed to absolute transparency, both in the way we serve our clients and in our fee structure.

Our business philosophy is to develop long term, ongoing relationships with our clients, and we understand the critical importance that full transparency plays in nurturing those relationships. We are expected to serve as their trusted advisers, not as salespeople. Developing that trust begins with a fair and open fee structure that offers no special financial incentives.


Why fees mean better service

Many wealth management services employ a transaction-based business model, earning a commission whenever they buy or sell a financial instrument on behalf of a client. This provides a strong incentive for a portfolio manager to trade more actively in order to accrue more commissions, whether or not such activity is in the client’s best interest. In that scenario, portfolios that require less maintenance (i.e., trading) ultimately receive less attention in the long term.

By charging a flat management fee, PK Dryden Associates ensures that clients never feel that their portfolio is not receiving the attention it deserves.

We’re different

PK Dryden Associates are proud of our commitment to transparency in all our interactions with clients; from our insistence on plain language communication right down to our wealth management charges. All are agreed with you in full before they're incurred and clearly listed on each and every quarterly statement without fail.

In addition, we can also provide one-time investment planning, in case you have no need for ongoing portfolio management. In that case, we will evaluate your assets and provide you with a quote for executing your investment decisions.